Cove Venture Ltd

Cove Venture Ltd Industry: Information Technology Website MYSALEDGER A BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPED BY COVE VENTURE Cove Venture Ltd is a UK based Information Technology company specializing in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Block Chain products. We have offices in India at Mumbai (Maharashtra) and Amaravathi (Andhra Pradesh) locations. The following are our main products:www.webogen.com (Digital Technologies [...]

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Datasisar Industry: Information Technology Website BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPMENT SERVICES We provide custom product engineering solutions using blockchain based technologies. Most recently we had developed blockchain based "Document Verification System". With our solution an organization issue a document which can be verifiable for authenticity". The other solution we are currently building is [...]

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Cateina Technologies

Cateina Technologies Industry: Information Technology Website BLOCKCHAIN ENABLED SOLUTIONS FOR BETTER GOVERNANCE At Cateina, we combine Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain Technology to create business solutions that are both privacy-preserving and resilient. Our microservices based philosophy enables legacy systems to be future ready, today. The permissioned, private network is built from [...]

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Block Armour Pvt. Ltd.

Block Armour Pvt. Ltd. Industry: Blockchain based cyber-security Website WE ARE A BLOCKCHAIN BASED CYBER SECURITY COMPANY The goal with Block Armour is to leverage emerging architecture and technology to help enterprises efectively defend against today and tomorrow's cybersecurity challenges. Harnessing Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) architecture enhanced with Blockchain & [...]

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